Drawing is Free Exhibition in Paris 29th May - 10th June 2023

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary with an exhibition of the Drawing is Free project.

Published: Feb 2023 Updated: 30 May 2023

We are putting on an exhibition of drawings that have been made as part of the Drawing is Free sessions or Patreon workshops as a celebration of 10 years of people coming together for the pleasure of drawing. 

Exhibition Details:

The exhibition will take place at Paris College of Art  from 29th May - 10th June.

The address of the exhibition is:
Paris College of Art
15 rue Fénelon

︎View Google Map︎︎︎
︎View Google Map︎︎︎Paris College of Art
15 rue Fénelon
75010 Paris

Drawing Events

There will be two free drawing workshops open to all, at Paris College of Art from 3.30 - 6pm on 2nd June (when the vernissage of exhibition begins) led by Helene Fromen and Ioi Choi.

Live Workshops: The echo of the drawing

Part 1: A protocol for drawing (portraits) in pairs
Led by Helene Fromen @helenefr0men
Drawing as a gesture, a rhythm, a mimicry of the hand movement, two breaths that coordinate for a while, a partition.

Part 2: Ioi Choi @ioi.mp4  will work with her body as an “image generator” to inspire forms and collaborate with our drawn lines.

Please bring your sketchbook and materials you like to draw with.

Vernissage / Private View

The vernissage will take place on Friday 2nd June from 6pm - 8.30pm.

We’d be delighted to see you!

If you would like to attend dinner after the Private View

Please let us know if you would like to join us for dinner after the Private View by filling in the  ︎ Form to RSVP for Dinner ︎︎︎

Follow us on ︎Instagram︎︎︎ for up-to-the-minute information - we’ll also try to help people find shared accomodation or groups to travel together.

Friday 2nd June

Live Drawing Workshop

Vernissage / Private View

︎ Private View Dinner RSVP Form (Google Forms)

The deadline for submissions has passed.

If you have not yet sent your work, or sent €10 for its return, you should do so immediately. We may not be able to include work that arrives after 15th May 2023.

Write your name (and address, if you want it returned) on the back of your drawing. Send your drawing to:

Chloe Briggs - Drawing Is Free
Paris College of Art
15 rue Fénelon

Whilst we will take the utmost care of your work, you are sending your drawings at your own risk - we cannot be responsible for drawings that are lost or damaged in the post, or for accidental damage during the exhibition.

If you would like your drawing returned, please then also send €10 EUR to cover costs of return postage and packaging via ︎PayPal︎︎︎.

You can send the equivalent ammount in your local currency using the paypal.me service - this is approximately:-
  • £9 GBP
  • $11 USD
  • $15 CAD
  • ₹89 INR



Do you want the drawing framed?
No, the drawings will be hung in a simple way with magnets, free and open to the air!  It is a humble, art-school space.

I have made work in a specific format that needs to be displayed in a certain way, is that possible?
Yes, send a note with details with the drawing and we will do our best.

Does the drawing have to have been made during Drawing is Free Monday session or Patreon workshops?
Yes please. This is the binding theme that brings the work together.

Will there be a publication?
Yes. Each work will be documented and collated as an exhibition catalogue with an introductory essay by  art writer Lillian Davies.


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