Drawing Prompts for Royal Museums Greenwich

Made for the  ‘Circumnavigation’ symposium organised by Drawing Correspondence

Published: 08 March 2023
These prompts were designed as part of a free, inclusive symposium which marks the beginning of the 'Drawn Together' season of drawings at the Royal Martime Musuem Greenwich, London. 

'Circumnavigation' combined discussions from artists, community participants and experts alongside workshops, active drawing sessions, and drawing performances, to explore how drawing belongs to all of us.

It highlighted the importance of drawing as a tool to navigate the challenges we personally and collectively face.

The symposium took inspiration from Royal Museums Greenwich's collections and the exhibition The Van de Veldes: Greenwich Art and the Sea.


︎ Circumnavigation Drawing Prompts︎︎︎
(PDF, 3.1mb)

They are also available from the website of Royal Museums Greenwich

They are suitable for any age and any level of experience.

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