Drawing to Feel Good Issue 1

A collection of drawings and writings edited by Chloe Briggs for the Big Draw festival 2019 ‘Drawn to Life: Creativity and Wellbeing’

Published: 2019
This publication is a contribution to the Big Draw festival 2019 ‘Drawn to Life: Creativity and Wellbeing’

In 2003 I created, ‘Drawing is Free’: a series of events that were designed to bring the community - faculty, staff, students and friends of Paris College of Art (where I teach) together around drawing. The project has since widened its scope and takes many forms: collaboarations, learning resources, workshops, online sessions, all with the aim to build community and to inspire a practice of drawing free from judgement, critique, and constraint.

Every Monday morning in room 201 from 9 - 10am (during term-term) and online via Zoom since the pandemic and during holidays people are invited to draw using a simple format: one track of music, one pose (everyone is both model and artist), one drawing. This weekly hour of drawing is what I now consider to be the heartbeat of the Drawing is Free project; listening to music, looking/seeing and alternately being looked at and being seen, and the sensation of making a drawing is a combination that generates pure pleasure for participants and not least for me!

In the following pages you will find the drawings and writings of invited artists and participants of Drawing is Free sharing with you how drawing makes them feel.

This publication is available as a high resolution copy suitable for print.  
If you request the high resolution file︎︎︎, please make a suggested €10 donation to a mental health charity.

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