In Conversation 2020/21

Drawing is Free in Coversation was a series of online events bringing creatives together to draw and discuss their practice.

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021
Hand letered logo, roughly drawn with a fat crayon, reads "Drawing Is Free In Conversation"

Series 1: Four brilliant people - all met through teaching drawing and the Drawing is Free project - working in the fields of music, dance, fashion and art (and in combination) - will alternate between posing to be drawn and conversation.

Portrait drawing inspired by the model's words: ideas, reflections, experience and their chosen music.

Format: 1 pose, 1 track of music, 1 drawing, 1 question. REPEAT.

is FREE and OPEN to all.
Please turn up on time and respect the work of the model.

Amé Kaur

Sunday 15th November / 3PM
Amé Kaur, a woman with long black hair wearing a headscarf and a loose, cream striped shirt.
Amé Kaur is an artist and a fashion model.
She moved to Paris with an aim to practice and progress her creative work. Here she has found an amazing community of artists and loved ones who inspire her to create.

Hélene Fromen

Sunday 25th October / 3PM
Helene Fromen looks directly at the viewer; her bare torso is painted with loose calligraphic lines that are a drawing of a woman's torso.Hélene Fromen’s artistic practice is driven to bodies in motion, gestures and biomorphic shapes, improvisation and performance. She is facilitator of the feminist and queer drawing academy Modele Vivant.e in Paris. She is currently researching, ‘Gender in the context of Life-Drawing’ in order to deconstruct Gender binary naturalism. She considers Life-modelling as an embodiment and empowerment opportunity.

Ioi Choi

Sunday 4th October / 3PM
Ioi Choi wearing a pink onesie and snakeskin high heeled boots sits balanced with her knees raised off the ground.Ioi Choi is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Macau, China. Very young, she has trained in classical Chinese dance and ballet and when she moved to New York – also contemporary and urban fusion.
Rooted in dance, her art practice seeks to visually translate the gestures of movement. She performs in Paris as a cabaret artist and in collaboration with artists and dance companies.

Jeffrey Deon Chambers

Sunday 13th September / 3PM
Jeffrey Dean Chambers wearing a bright orange hoodie, white cap and trainers stands on the verge of a residential street.Jeffrey Deon Chambers is a 23 year old visual artist and writer from Queens, New York. He’s been writing music since 15 and has released a sizable catalogue on soundcloud and bandcamp. Deon has now been recording professionally and releasing music independently on all major platforms for the past 2 years along with a clean set of visuals to compliment the new Queens sound. His music has been featured in articles by Grungecake Magazine, DJ Enuff, Punchland and the Pittsburgh Newspaper.
His photography has been featured in various publications and he has worked with major clients that include, Fool’s Gold Records, Billboard, YRB Fashion Magazine, Ashley Stewart and many more. (Image credit: Saadiq Wales)


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