Looking for Green

A Textile Journey in Four Languages

A Collaboration between Chloe Briggs and Angela Maddock

A publication made with the support of the Arts Council Wales about a three-week residency at DOC, Paris. A conversation about textiles, drawing, and resourcefulness.

Published: 23rd Feb 2023
This publication is available in English, French and Welsh.

Looking for Green began as a three-week collaborative textile residency in Paris between Angela Maddock (Wales) and Chloe Briggs
(France) in the early Autumn of 2022. Hosted by Association Doc in the 19th arrondisement in Paris, it brings together two fields of practice, textiles and drawing, to produce a new body of textiles informed by the resourcefulness of Welsh historical quilt traditions, a love of drawing and a shared concern for sustainability and creativity. In Looking for Green, Maddock and Briggs invite green into their practice as inspiration and as guiding philosophy; gathering, piecing, stitching and binding the historical and the contemporary into new cloth.

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