Education Pack for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, 2020

Education Pack
Three booklets with prompts about Stories, Work and Time inspired by the work selected for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2020
A black sheet of paper torn from a spiral bound notebook, marked with white chalk lines

Published: 02 October 2020
Drawing is Free created a series of three booklets of drawing projects inspired by the work selected for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, 2020︎︎︎.

They are an invitation to draw - whatever your age, experience, or level of confience.

The booklets cover three themes:

  • How can a drawing tell a story?
  • What are the particular qualities of a drawing that enable us to communicate personal experience? 
  • How can I articulate my stories through drawing so that I can convey to others what I have experienced?

  • How is it possible to record time passing in a static image?
  • How is the whole body implicated in the practice of drawing - its breath, internal rhythms, fragilities?
  • How does a drawing practice exercise our patience, give us the ability to slow down and be intensely present in time?

  • In what ways does drawing have a distinct function within a process?
  • How can drawing an object or space help us to understand it?
  • Where in our daily lives does drawing have a tangible purpose?

Drawing is Free was also in virtual residence during the exhibition of Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2020, running online events and discussions.


︎TBWDP20 Education Pack 1: Stories︎︎︎ (PDF, 2.7mb)

︎TBWDP20 Education Pack 2: Time︎︎︎  (PDF, 1.5mb)

︎TBWDP20 Education Pack 3: Working︎︎︎  (PDF, 2.7mb)

︎TBWDP20 Handout 1: Stories︎︎︎ (PDF, 0.3mb)

︎TBWDP20 Handout 2: Time︎︎︎  (PDF, 0.3mb)

︎TBWDP20 Handout 3: Working︎︎︎  (PDF, 0.2mb)

They are suitable for any age and any level of experience.

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