Education Pack for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, 2021

Ten themed worksheets with drawing prompts inspired by the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2021
The cover of the 2021 Trinity Buoy Wharf Education Pack, with a black and white image of some folded paper, printed with block lettering.

Published: January 2022
It has been a great pleasure to create the education pack commissioned for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2021

While creative education is being actively challenged, the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize and the work of its 114 selected artists have to teach us about drawing becomes more crucial. I have this responsibility in mind as I create this education pack that has been commissioned for the exhibition, I’ve been guided by this question: How can I coax those who think they can’t draw to approach the works in the exhibition not just as a passive viewers, but as a fellow creators who have something to add to the conversation?

The pack is made up of 10 separate worksheets, each a single, double-sided, black and white A4 sheet. They are cheaply and easily printable as a physical copies, but it also available as digital PDFs.

For each prompt, there is a dedicated hashtag if you wish to share your work on social media.

The purpose of this pack is to give you permission to try. The prompts are as varied as the work in the exhibition and I hope they have the potential to evoke (as the drawings this year did for me) : joy, sadness, questions, courage, curiosity and perhaps most importantly the desire to learn about the world by drawing.

Download PDFs

︎ Folder and Introduction︎︎︎ (PDF, 0.2mb)

︎ 1. Nature as Witness︎︎︎ (PDF, 0.2mb)

︎ 2. Surface as Material︎︎︎ (PDF, 0.2mb)

︎ 3. Windows︎︎︎ (PDF, 1.5mb)

︎ 4. Drawing as Architecture︎︎︎ (PDF, 0.2mb)

︎ 5. The Place I Live︎︎︎ (PDF, 0.3mb)

︎ 6. Ancestors︎︎︎ (PDF, 0.1mb)

︎ 7. Home as Stage︎︎︎ (PDF, 0.4mb)
︎ 8. Inside the Body︎︎︎ (PDF, 1.6mb)

︎ 9. Self-portrait in Disguise︎︎︎ (PDF, 0.3mb)

︎ 10. Daily Drawing︎︎︎ (PDF, 0.2mb)

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