Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2022 Education Pack

An Education Pack inspired by the drawings included in the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2022 exhibition.

Published: September 2022
Drawing is Free has been comissioned to create an Education Pack inspired by the drawings included in the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2022︎︎︎ exhibition.

We’ll also be running three live online Drawing Sessions related to the Education Pack as part of the education and events programme. 

We hope you'll enjoy the education pack - and will be inspired by the #TBWDP22 too!

From the Introduction

Having been given the opportunity to design the education pack for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize for three years now — the first being 2020, pandemic year — I have come to realize how much each collection is like an ultrasound image of our evolving collective state. A complex, intimate history of a year drawn by many hands.

I study each body of work with teacher’s eyes. How can we enter into the drawings through active learning ? It’s a process that allows us to internalize what is remarkable about the artists’ work by giving it life in our own practice.

The booklet contains prompts and exercises and is organized by material used. Each two- page spread is dedicated to a specific medium (Biro, pen, charcoal), and is illustrated by work from some of this year’s artists whose work shows us how radically disparate results can be achieved by applying the material in a different way.

Each spread contains prompts that help you discover the nature and potential of each material — I call the prompts “Play” — and then a more elaborate exercise.

The pack is written for anyone interested in drawing, whatever age and level of experience. I encourage you to approach the exercises freely - as fun, with daring, and a light-heart.

I hope that you will discover something new.

Chloe Briggs, Artist / Teacher and Founder of ‘Drawing is Free’


︎TBWDP 2022 Education Pack︎︎︎
(PDF, 1.9mb)

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