Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2023 Education Pack

An Education Pack inspired by the drawings included in the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2023 exhibition.

Five booklets are fanned out on a table, with the pale blue cover to the right and two elastic bands above, removed from the binding.

Published: September 2023
Drawing is Free has created an Education Pack inspired by the drawings included in the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2023︎︎︎ exhibition.

The pack is titled What It Is To Draw, and the five booklets address drawing a portrait, space, nature, fabric, and drawing from imagination. Each booklet takes drawings in the prize as a starting point, using quotes from the artists featured to discuss the theme. They contain short pieces of writing exploring the themes of the work, and drawing prompts to help you explore what it is to draw for yourself.

“It was a powerful experience to see the drawings I have been looking at and thinking about this past month in the flesh. The qualities of the materials, subtleties of layers, the trace of the artists hands at work, the scale… a whole universe compared to the flattened digital copy.”

When printed double-sided on A3 paper, the booklets open out to posters of selected works from this years’ prize.

When folded, they can be bound together with the A6 postcard cover and two elastic bands.

Read the Booklets Online

This is a PDF of the booklets combined in to one file and formatted for easier reading on mobiles or screens.


Mobile Version

Formatted for easy reading on screens.

︎What It Is To Draw: Mobile Version︎︎︎
(PDF, 2.5mb)

Print Versions

These are the print versions of the booklets, designed to be printed double-sided on A3 paper. If you’re printing your own copies, you’ll need to fold each sheet in half three times to read the text comfortably as the booklet unfolds.

︎What It Is To Draw: Cover Postcard︎︎︎
(PDF, 0.4mb)

︎What It Is To Draw... A Portrait︎︎︎
(PDF, 7.9mb)

︎What It Is To Draw... From Imagination︎︎︎
(PDF, 6.6mb)

︎What It Is To Draw... Space︎︎︎
(PDF, 4mb)

︎What It Is To Draw... Fabric︎︎︎
(PDF, 10.2mb)

︎What It Is To Draw... Nature︎︎︎
(PDF, 3.9mb)

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Visit the Trinity Buoy Wharf Prize Exhibition

Chloe is also taking part in events organised to support this year’s prize exhibition.

“I will be meeting educators to see the exhibition, talk about ‘What it is to Draw’ and to teach drawing. I will share my thoughts and motivation behind this year’s education pack. [And] we will draw from some of the prompts!”

Printed versions of the pack are available at the exhibition, which will open to the public at Trinity Buoy Wharf from 29th September to 15th of October 2023.

We hope you'll enjoy the education pack - and will be inspired by the #TBWDP23 too!

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