Drawing is Free - Monday Mornings Vol. 1

A record of Drawing is Free’s online portrait sessions, with drawings and reflections from the participants.

Published: April 2022
Designed by Sarah Praill
Edited by Aileen Harvey
I have two collaborators here – Aileen and Sarah, who have encouraged and helped me to make this book. They have also inspired me to tell the story of how Drawing is Free came to be.

So here it is, as clearly and as vividly as I can recount it. This is a living story, one that is being captured for a moment on these pages, but – in the spirit of the drawings themselves – will take flight again.

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The contributors have all taken part in the Monday Live Drawing Sessions. They have submitted their favourite drawings, and reflected on  questions:

  • What is particular about these sessions and how (nor not) do they affect the way that you draw?
  • Can you describe what the experience of these drawing sessions is?
  • Why do you come?
  • What do you feel?
  • Is there something about drawing from the screen that you can identify that changes the way that you draw and see things?


Fiona Godfrey
Lesley Stothers
Niki Medlik
Alexine Good
Michelle Neal
Michael Davies
Michaela Brunner
Hermine Spies Coleman
Janet Brown
S. M. Paley
Louise Bradley
Ulrike Noake
Judith Anketell
Penny Simons
Rachel Cohen
Aileen Harvey
Susanne Haines
Lizzie King
Liz Horn
Carol Smith
Janine Hall
Sarah Praill
Isabel Taylor
Sue Wordsworth
Robyn Taylor
Gillian Cooper
Diana Pilcher
Simon Fell
David Baron
Vanessa Cecile
Helene Fromen
Aida Girma
Nadia Girma
Katya Robin
Gretel Hohenegger
Fiona Godfrey
Sarah Filmer
Kim Plowright
Ellen Yiu
Alys Scot Hawkins
Bob Brown


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